Keatten Labs PolyMorph

Keatten Labs PolyMorph

PolyMorph Prototype

Keatten has used its combined electronics and music expertise to create the world’s first musical polyphonic synthesizer on a chip – the PolyMorph

The picture above was of an early prototype housed in a simple wooden case for us to test and refine the beta version.

It connects to any MIDI controller – no need to buy an additional keyboard.

You will want to hook your PolyMorph wizardry up to a suitable panel of controls and mount them all in an enclosure of your choice – and that’s the fun bit – right?

So above is a suggested layout – looks cool huh? (and all just using regular pots, switches, sockets and LED’s) All are easily available from your lab store cupboard or suppliers such as Mouser …

Remember, ALL of these functions are available directly from our single chip!

And in case you are thinking ‘I expect it’s just a fudged paraphonic with a shared filter like all the rest’

No. It’s FULLY Polyphonic with SIX voices each consisting of a dual voltage-controlled oscillator, their own 24dB/octave low and high pass filter, and a dedicated voltage-controlled amplifier – plus two independent envelope generators.

In addition, check all the other cool performance features that you’ll only find with Keatten’s PolyMorph – such as:

  • External voltage follower
  • Sample and Hold for VCO and VCF with chromatic settings
  • Our amazing PolyGlide morphs complete chords into each other
  • External Mic input
  • Continuous VCO wave shape with Morph, Range, and Pulse width
  • Low-Frequency Oscillator with continuous morph, squeeze, and speed to independently control the VCO’s and VCF’s
  • Each Poly VCO has it’s own continuous morph and range with our unique Symphony feature
  • Red, pink, white, and violet morphed noise source
  • Comprehensive sound mixer for all sound sources
  • Tremolo Lift for the contour generators
  • Master tune control and audio output

Oh yes, and our exponential 15-octave oscillators and filters are precise and 100% drift-free, so no need for under-the-hood clunky pre-sets and range compensation pots needing regular tweaking before, or worse, during your performance!

From the second you turn it on, our PolyMorph true polyphonic music synthesizer is locked solid, ready to rock, and performance-ready.

We figured that since there are 56 million websites on Google for the phrases, “how to construct a synthesizer”, and “with Best cheap polyphonic synth …with “How to build a polyphonic synthesizer” adding another 5 million websites to the mix …

Then why hasn’t anyone thought of creating a single chip on a four-inch square circuit board that does just that?

We Did. And it Works.

Wanna Own One?

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