KEATTEN : Handmade with Pride and Precision in the USA

Performance sound manipulation products that open new sound dimensions unobtainable elsewhere – sounds that you would have never thought of.

A Thousand New Sounds at your fingertips.

What we do

The Power of keatten labs. Put to work.

We are really excited here at Keatten Labs – we want to share with you something amazing … 

The devices we are about to introduce to you are something no one else in the sound creation world has yet to see or perceive ...

... providing the electronic music hobbyist and constructor world with state-of-the-art music and sound synthesis Master Constructor Kits.  

They are going to revolutionize the entire sound sensation and creation industry – performance sound manipulation products that open new sound dimensions unobtainable elsewhere – sounds that you would have never thought of.

What they represent is as important as what they are … sound tools that touch the very heart of the music and sound creationist performer.

Introducing Our Keatten Music Synthesizer On A Chip (SONAC)

The worlds first fully-functioned Programmable Music Synthesizer embedded on a chip - complete with infinite interfaces!

All of these analog functions can be wired and configured to create an infinite variety of panel or enclosure designs of your choice:

  • Add buttons, switches, knobs, LED's, wiring/patching/programming options ...
    You Name It.
  • Want a "Mini-Moog" on steroids?
  • Want a Legacy Studio Rack System?
    You Got It.
  • Perhaps you prefer to use software control?
    No Problem.

    We've got you covered - our SONAC is fully Raspberry Pi and Arduino compatible. Our SONAC has Top Hat dimensions so it can be easily stacked.
  • Our software interface is Open Source - the only limit is your imagination! 

SONAC Music and Sound Creation At Your Fingertips ...

sonac poly at your fingertips

Our synthesizer On A Chip board measures only 4.5 by 4.25 inches, so you can mount and build it in ANY enclosure of your choice - Bespoke, Eurorack or a 500 Series design - just for starters! Want to construct a Modular System Moog Clone? Then base your new design on our SONAC Range!

That’s it above laying on top of my hand.

Announcing PolyMorph

PolyMorph Music synthesizer

Keatten has used its combined electronics and music expertise to create the world’s first (music) polyphonic synthesizer on a chip – the PolyMorph

It connects to any MIDI controller - so no need to buy an additional keyboard.

Of course you will want to hook your PolyMorph wizardry up to a suitable panel of controls and mount them all in a suitable enclosure - and that's the fun bit - right?

So above is a suggested layout - looks cool huh? (and all just using regular pots, switches, sockets and LED's) All easily available from your lab store cupboard or suppliers such as Mouser ...

Remember, ALL of these functions are available directly from our single chip!

And in case you are thinking 'I expect it's just a fudged paraphonic with a shared filter like all the rest'

NO, it's FULLY Polyphonic with SIX voices each consisting of a dual voltage controlled oscillator, their own 24dB/octave low and high pass filter, and dedicated voltage controlled amplifier - plus two independent envelope generators.

In addition, check all the other cool performance features that you'll only find with Keatten's PolyMorph - such as:

  • External voltage follower
  • Sample and Hold for VCO and VCF with chromatic settings
  • Our amazing PolyGlide to morph complete chords into each other
  • External Mic input
  • Continuous VCO wave shape with morph, range, and pulse width
  • Low frequency oscillator with continuous morph, squeeze, and speed to independently control the VCO's and VCF's
  • Each Poly VCO has it's own continuous morph and range with our unique Symphony feature
  • Red, pink, white, and violet morphed noise source
  • Comprehensive sound mixer for all sound sources
  • Tremolo Lift for the contour generators
  • Master tune control and audio output

    Oh yes, and our exponential 15 octave oscillators and filters are precise and 100% drift-free, so no need for under-the-hood clunky pre-sets and range compensation pots needing regular tweaking before, or worse, during your performance!

    From the second you turn it on, our PolyMorph true polyphonic music synthesizer is locked solid, ready to rock, and performance-ready.

    We figured that since there are 56 million websites on Google for the phrases, How to construct a synthesizer, with Best cheap polyphonic synth with How to build a polyphonic synthesizer adding another 5 million websites to the mix …

    Then why hasn’t anyone thought of a creating a single chip on a four-inch square circuit board that does just that?

    We Did. And it Works.

    Wanna Own One?

So What DO You Get with our Synthesizer On A Chip?

  • Includes both fully featured standard and high-speed MIDI interfaces
  • Raspberry Pi Hat compatible
  • Expander board for control panel
  • QUAD professional-quality analog inputs and outputs
  • Ultra-stable linear and exponential Glide control
  • TRIPLE Noise Source - White, Pink and Red
  • Sample and Hold - Standard, Ramped, and Chromatic
  • Versatile Envelope/Contour Follower
  • Precision zero-drift exponential converters covering a 15 octave range without the need for high-end compensation. Will NEVER need re-calibration
  • FIVE precision zero-drift 15 octave range (0.1 to 20KHz) Voltage Controlled Oscillators. Each oscillator features Audio or Low frequency settings with a variety of wave shapes and juicy harmonic options: Sine, Triangle, Shark-tooth, Sawtooth, Pulse, Squeeze, Morph and Mix
  • TWO triggered Contour Generators with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release and Repeat (ADSRR). The Repeat function puts the ADSRR into oscillation mode
  • TWO fat zero-drift Voltage Controlled Filters which can be set to Low Pass, High Pass, Bandpass or Notch with each including Resonance mode and Oscillation
    They both feature an amazing 12/24/26/48 dB per octave settings. As with the oscillators, these filters are full range and never need calibration
  • FOUR Voltage Controlled Amplifiers - these are multi-input and each have dual functionality as either a VCA or Ring Modulator
  • SIX Hex Mixer Banks - giving you the patching flexibility of a 36 bank mixer desk.

Designed By You.

Performance-driven sound tools. Stable, repeatable, and precise. From thundering warm lows to crystal clear highs with whisper-quiet studio performance

Fully Scalable

Anything from a portable mini-synth to a growling professional studio monster. Twenty Octave Range with Zero Drift. 48 dB low, high, bandpass and notch voltage controlled filters

Multiple Enclosure Formats

Flexible and adaptable high-quality circuit boards configured to any enclosure design approach - from rack mount to performance formats. No clunky drift pre-sets - compensation and calibration are never needed

The answer to creative sounds is thinking differently and making the creation logical with innovative thinking spurring innovation, improv, and creativeness.

Doing it all, in all new ways.

Novel and Critical thinking.

Melding, Warping, and Blending sound – intuitive live performance instantly available right under your fingertips.

Keatten does for sound creation what Elon Musk has done for rocketry

sonac poly mini and pico

A Thousand New Sounds at your fingertips

And that makes them insanely cool …

Performance-driven sound tools. Stable, repeatable, and precise.

“ Everything we do at Keatten, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making beautifully designed simple-to-use products, driven by user performance.

We just happen to make great professional audio products – Wanna Own One? ”

why we do it

Keatten Labs Master Constructor Series

Development boards provide the juice to pump energy into your creative product ideas – unleashing innovation into your product inventions.

Imagine how it will feel to construct and engineer your very own rock-solid unique synth solution

Synth constructor

Our boffins are hard at work creating a brand new range of unique PCB-based Constructor/Hobbyist Products – ready to be assembled and integrated into your very own imaginings!

Each product board will have leading-edge software loaded into state-of-the-art digital signal processors providing professional studio-quality audio.

These will be manufactured on high-quality multi-layered boards – ready for your talent, construction, imagining, and application …

Smart features. Powerful technologies.

Pro 500 Series - The Keatten Raptor 500 Sound Engine is the system controller that powers every Keatten Labs product. It lets you do things you simply can’t with other sound devices.

Built-in Functionality

Powerful creativity and productivity flows, live inside every Keatten 500 Series product — these help you explore, connect, and create soundscapes more efficiently.

Capture Emotion in the Moment – whether as a performer or a studio sound creation artist


Professional tools. Studio performance.

Here at Keatten Labs, we focus on professional performance.

Blazing 192KHz technology – whisper-quiet, majestic dynamic range coupled with warm fluid sounds.

For the past five years, Keatten Labs have been quietly designing innovative products for professional studio and sound creation artists.

Create and improvise in an agile new effortless way.

Our bleeding-edge technology brings you the warmest, and most musical audio on the planet, an all-analog signal path with premium components for the lowest noise and best performance possible.

No software emulation can breathe the same depth and life into your audio creations as Keatten Labs sound solutions

Love legacy smooth lush sounds but want the performance, blending, and playability of state-of-the-art technology? You Just Found It.

Keatten Has You Covered

The Spirit of Shifting. Taken Further.

Keatten Labs Studio Series is not just better – it’s Different.

Studio Shapeshift 500 puts a complete recording and MIDI production studio at your fingertips, with everything you need to write, record, edit, and mix like never before.

Powerful sound products that you have never heard of.

With a full-featured poly channel memory bank giving instant-recall of a huge collection of sounds and loops, you’ll have everything you need to go from first inspiration to final master, no matter what kind of sounds you want to create.

Ridiculously powerful. Seriously creative.

The Studio Series gives you a dynamic way to create and arrange sounds in real-time.

Our expanded synthesis section with sound-shaping controls brings more depth and dynamics to your performance and composition.


What they say



You've done it again Dave! Fab Functions and as versatile as an egg ...



Nice Job - it worked straight out of the box!


Handmade with Pride and Precision in the USA

Each Limited Edition Keatten product is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity

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