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Shapeshift 500


Keatten Labs

Shapeshift 500

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For professionals ready to push their creativity, the industry-leading Studio Shapeshift 500 offers maximum control over creating, editing, processing, and delivery of studio-quality sound media.

The power and the beauty of Studio Shapeshift 500 in the hands of creative talent like yourself mean you will never perceive studio-level sound creation tools in the same way again …

Our design philosophy is to drive design features by their ease of in-the-moment performance.

We couple intuitive logical flow, so it works as simple as using an appliance, yet it easily meets and exceeds professional studio and sound creation specifications.

The Spirit of Shifting. Taken Further.

Keatten Labs Studio Shapeshift 500 is not just better – it’s Different.

Studio Shapeshift 500 puts a complete recording and MIDI production studio at your fingertips, with everything you need to write, record, edit, and mix like never before.


handmade in the usa with pride and precision

Performer-driven tools providing the music and sound creator with beautifully crafted unique sound dimensions

studio grade quality

performance driven

sound innovation

constructor series